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In all aspects of computing and robotics, the Cylon technologies are far superior to those of mankind. They consider humans to be sinful and flawed creations who therefore do not deserve to survive.

cylon baseship

The Cylon Raider

cylon raider

The new Raiders are cybernetic in nature: the ship is actually a living creature. Just like the humanoid Cylons, the Raiders are also capable of being "reborn" into new Raiders after having been destroyed. This is done so that new, replacement Raiders do not have to be trained, meaning that experienced combat "pilots" that have been killed are quickly available for duty again. This provides the Cylons with a distinct tactical advantage in the amount of battle-seasoning a Raider will have over a replacement Viper pilot; in essence, every time a Raider is destroyed, it is reborn slightly improved having "learned" through each Death/Downloading/Rebirth life-cycle it undergoes. The Raiders have many weapons, including conventional and nuclear missiles as well as kinetic energy weapons. They can transmit a computer virus to a Colonial vessel using the Command Navigation Program (CNP), rendering the Colonial vessel inoperable. The Cylon Raider is also capable of making FTL jumps

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Our take on the in game Cylon experience. We will discuss here what the advantages and disadvantages of being bolts and wires are for the browser based game.

Destroy the Flawed Unbelievers

Discuss why the unfaithful need to be destroyed and why the Humans are ultimately a flawed creation in the Cylon Forum. Obviously no Humans allowed! Unless God has instructed you otherwise...



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